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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is just what it sounds like: a specific form of search engine optimization and marketing that’s designed to improve results for users who perform a search with local intent – the need for something with a town, city or specific area. An example of a search with local intent would be shoe store Burlington.

Every day, thousands upon thousands of individuals are searching the web from their personal computers, tablets and mobile phones for products or services in their area. Location-specific searches are becoming more common as the use of mobile devices continues to increase, and the rise of this technology has led local SEO to become its own industry. Google and Local SEO

For years, Google has been working on improving their understanding of the needs and intentions of searchers, with a particular emphasis on those who look for things locally. Many queries that specify a location result in a “list” and map of nearby shops: Local Search Results in a list and on a map for the search shoe store Burlington. Both the list and map work to show the searcher that these stores are all in the city specified in their query. They go further to help meet the searcher’s needs by also listing the address and phone number of each business, with links to each Google+ Profile (we’ll talk a bit more about that shortly) and ratings and reviews where they’re available.